Arizona Heat

Arriving back in Arizona was not without its surprises, mostly the heat. (If we end up staying, I am not sure how I’ll get through the summer). The 108ยบ temperature has made me really miss the snow, so I thought I’d post an old picture I had. This was taken in the Alta Ski resort from my in-laws cabin. There was a storm in the morning, and it partially cleared around us, giving me a good view of the trees, but the basin still had a hazy feel.


As I was driving back to Arizona from Utah, I stopped along the road overlooking the Grand Canyon (just a few miles south of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam) and shot several shots which I stitched together for this panorama.

Later that day, as I was heading down the mountains from Flagstaff, and as the sun was starting to approach the horizon, I looked over and saw these hazy hills. While still driving along I-17 at 80 mph, I grabbed my camera, turned it on, popped off the lens cap, and snapped this out the passenger side window (without even looking, I might add).

Near Payson, AZ, is the Tonto Natural Bridge. Katherine enjoyed playing in a little cave.

Last fall we went to Sedona, AZ with our friends Josh and Sarah. As we were leaving a storm began rolling in, so I snapped a quick photo of this lit-up redrock.


Water Skiing

Old Photos

I was rummaging through some of my old photos, and I came across a few that I really liked and I though I’d share.